Melbourne 2001

1st-4th March.
Winner - Michael Schumacher, Ferrari. 2nd - David Coulthard, Mclaren Mercedes. 3rd Rubens Barrichello, Ferrari

I combined this trip with a holiday to Perth. I sat in the Fangio stand and again managed to get on to the track at the end of the race. Sadly a marshall was killed at this race when a tyre went through a hole in the fencing.

Cars entering pit lane       Benetton in scrutineering       Albert Park Lake       Eddie Irvine on the pit wall

Ferrari in scrutineering     Ferrari in the pit lane     Schumacher and Barrichello celebrate pole     drivers photo

Drivers parade - Michael Schumacher     Drivers Parade - Rubens Barrichello     Drivers Parade - Mika Hakkinen     Drivers Parade - Ralf Schumacher

Drivers parade - Jenson Button   Drivers parade - jean Alesi   Murray Walker   Ferrari*   Bernoldi retires from the race*

Race leader Schumacher      Ferrari ready to celebrate      Podium      Podium      Podium

Race winner Schumacher      Trophy presentation      Trophy presentation      The top 3      The fans

* - K Harvey

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