Monaco 2011

26-29 May
Winner - Sebastian Vettel, Red Bull Racing. 2nd - Fernando Alonso, Ferrari. 3rd - Jenson Button, Mclaren Mercedes.

I travelled on my own to Monaco for the weekend. Watched practice from near Tabac and the swimmomng pool, qualifying from opposite the pits and the race from the final corner. I also managed to get next to the paddock on every single day!.

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Inside the paddock       Inside the Paddock       Buemi       Kovalainen       Trulli

Kobayashi       Sutil       Sutil       Mercedes motorhome       The harbour

Ross Brawn       Ross Brawn       Heidfeld and Trulli       Barrichello       Rosberg

Schumacher       Schumacher       Vettel       Vettel       Heidfeld

Heidfeld       Heidfeld       Rosberg       Tyres       Rob Smedley

Rob Smedley       d'Ambrosio       Michael       Michael       Michael

Michael       Michael       Michael       Michael       Michael

Michael       Harbour       Harbour       At the chicane

HRT       Virgin       Force India       Red Bull

HRT       Lotus       Alonso       Button       Williams

Michael       Sauber       Ferrari at the chicane       Hamilton

Williams       STR       Rosberg       Mclaren and HRT       Massa

Massa       Force India       Renault       Button

Michael       STR       Swimming pool       Swimming pool

Williams       STR       Sauber       HRT       Ferrari

Virgin       Lotus       Force India       Michael       Force India

Rosberg       Michael       Harbour       Alguersuari       Christian Horner

Christian Horner       Rob Smedley       Jeremy Clarkson       James May and Richard Hammond       Clarkson, May and Hammond

Clarkson, May and Hammond       Clarkson, May and Hammond       Jeremy Clarkson       Bernie Ecclestone      

Christian Horner Jake Humphrey       Jake Humphrey       Rob Smedley       Paul di Resta

Di Resta       Sutil       Webber       Heidfeld       Heidfeld

Webber       Webber       Webber       Hamilton       Massa

Kovalainen       Glock       Rosberg       Harbour       Massa

Alonso      Rob Smedley      Michael      Rosberg      Rosberg

Michael       Michael       Michael       Alonso

Button       Button       Button       Massa

Massa       Massa       Michael       Michael       Gene

Nick Fry and Stefano Dominicali       Rob Smedley       Rob and Felipe       Rob and Felipe       Jake and DC

Jackie Stewart       Jackie Stewart       Jackie Stewart      

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