Monaco 2013

23-26 May
Winner - Nico Rosberg, Mercedes. 2nd - Sebastian Vettel, Red Bull Racing. 3rd - Mark Webber, Red Bull Racing.

I travelled on my own to Monaco for the weekend. Watched practice from near Tabac and the swimmimng pool and the race from opposite the swimming pool.

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Football stadium       Menton       Casino       Monaco Harbour       Alonso

Massa and Alonso       Alonso       Massa       Massa and family!       Massa

Perez       Fisichella       Alonso       Massa       Massa

Massa       Massa       David Croft and Sam Bird       Sam Bird       Fisichella

Crofty and Fisi       Crofty and Sam Bird       Grosjean       Monaco harbour       Webber

Sky       Monaco Harbour       Jenson       Bianchi       Jenson

Jenson       Jenson       Jenson       Jenson       Hulkenberg

Jenson       di Resta       Hulkenberg       Monaco       Monaco

Monaco by night       Force India       Mercedes       Mclaren       Torro Rosso

Caterham       Felipe       Fernando       Sauber       Sauber

Marussia       Marussia       Williams       Caterham       Sauber

Alonso       Hamilton       Massa       Alonso        Webber

Alonso        Lotus        Force India       Tabac       Tabac

Tabac       Williams       Marussia       Rosberg       Force India

Perez       Mclaren       Lotus       Williams       Alonso

Caterham       Jenson       Lewis       Massa       Vettel

Tabac       Red Bull and STR       Lotus       STR       Marussia

Raikkonen       Caterham and Mclaren       Force India       Jenson       Williams

Perez       Hamilton       Grosjean       Alonso       Caterham

Vettel       Williams and Marussia       Webber       De la Rosa       Martin Whitmarsh

Marussia       STR       Caterham       Jenson       Caterham

STR       Grosjean's car      Grosjean's car       Grosjean's car      Mclaren

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