Monaco 2013

23-26 May
Winner - Nico Rosberg, Mercedes. 2nd - Sebastian Vettel, Red Bull Racing. 3rd - Mark Webber, Red Bull Racing.

I travelled on my own to Monaco for the weekend. Watched practice from near Tabac and the swimmimng pool and the race from opposite the swimming pool.

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Sauber       Mclaren       Force India       Mclaren       Raikkonen

Williams       Mercedes       Massa       Sauber       Marussia

Massa       Perez       Perez       Caterham       Red Bull

DC       Crofty       Martin Brundle       Daniel Ricciardo       Bernie

Adrian Newey       Christian Horner       Christian Horner       Webber       Webber

Webber       Kimi       Seb       Webber       Webber

Chilton       Pic       Ferrari       Vergne       Davidson

Gene       Jackie Stewart       Vettel       Gene and de la Rosa       Webber

DC       Massa       Rob Smedley       keke Rosberg       Alonso

Jenson       Jenson       Perez       Ron Dennis       Kimi

Alonso       Hill and Herbert       EJ       Massa       Ej and Rubens

EJ and Rubens       Ross, EJ and Rubens       Ross and Rubens       Buemi        Rosberg

Rosberg        Rosberg        Ross       Michael Johnson       Gutierrez

Gutierrez       Villeneuve       Villeneuve       Fran and Keke       Having a beer at Rascasse

Eddie Irvine       Rob Smedley       Me and Rob       Monaco       Hamilton

Kovalainen       Massa       Hakkinen       hakkinen       Mika and Ed

Alain Prost       Chilton       Hulkenberg       di Resta and Alonso       di Resta

Royal palace       View from the grandstand       Swimming Pool       Harbour       Rocher

Alonso       Jenson       Grosjean       Sauber      Lewis and Seb

Williams and STR       Jenson       Jenson       STR       Hamilton

Safety car       Safety car      Behind the safety car       Behind the safety car       Behind the safety car

Webber and Hamilton      Lotus and Ferrari       Maldonado       Vettel      Mclaren and Force India

Winner Rosberg      Mclaren and Force India      Webber      Pic

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