Silverstone 2000

21st-23rd April
Winner - David Coulthard, Mclaren Mercedes. 2nd - Mika Hakkinen, Mclaren Mercedes. 3rd - Michael Schumacher, Ferrari.

I only attended the Friday practice session. We had access to all the grandstands on this day so got some great views. My car however got stuck in the mud in the car park. The car parks were all closed for the following day and there were extremely long delays on race day so for once I was glad to watch this one from home.

Entering pit straight       out of the final corner       pit straight       Ferrari in brooklands

Williams entering the pits     Ferrari entering the pits     BAR in the rain     Michael Schumacher in the wet;

Ralf Schumacher       Ralf Schumacher       Ralf Schumacher       Ralf Schumacher

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