Silverstone 2014

4th - 6th July
Winner - Lewis Hamilton, Mercedes, 2nd - Valteri Bottas, Williams. 3rd - Daniel Ricciardo, Red Bull.

I went to all 3 days with a platinum grandstand ticket. Watched Practice from Village, Luffield and the pit straight, Qualifying from Becketts and the race from Club.

Litchlake       Start/Finish straight       Pitlane       Pitlane       Pitlane

Pitlane       Pitlane       Pitlane       Pitlane       Rob Smedley

Rob Smedley       Rob Smedley       Rob Smedley       Rob Smedley       Rob Smedley

Start / Finish straight       The Kaiser Chiefs       The Kaiser Chiefs       The Kaiser Chiefs       Ferrari

Susie Wolff       Susie Wolff       View from Village       Caterham and Ferrari       Alonso

Torro Rosso       Force India       Caterham       Torro Rosso       Caterham

Force India       Marussia       Sauber       Ricciardo       Vettel

Torro Rosso       Lotus       Button       Caterham and Ferrari       Marussia

Ferrari and Force India       lunch inside the circuit       50th parade       50th parade       50th parade

Force India       Button       Raikkonen       Torro Rosso       Marussia

Hamilton       Rosberg       Alonso       Lotus       Red Bull

Caterham       Bottas       Massa       Red Bull       Raikkonen

Lotus       Lotus       Force India       Ricciardo       Button

Caterham       Red Bull       Bottas       Sauber       Raikkonen

Force India       Rosberg       Ferrari and Sauber       Alonso and Raikkonen       Williams

Ferrari       Williams       Bottas       Massa       Massa

Rob Smedley       Massa and Smedley       Massa       Massa       Williams

Pit straight       Pit straight       Ferrari       Frank Williams       Red Bull

Red Bull       Massa       Williams       Massa       Massa

Rob Smedley       Wellington Straight       Lotus       Lotus       caterham

Caterham       Sauber       Red Bull       Marussia       Force India

Mercedes       Torro Rosso       Button       Ricciardo       Force India

Red Bull       Button       Saturday night at the pub       F1 trucks       Drivers parade

Drivers parade       Drivers parade       Drivers parade       Drivers parade       Drivers parade

Red Arrows       Red Arrows       Red Arrows       Vettel       Force India

The grid       The grid       The grid       The grid       The grid

The grid       Parade lap       Parade lap       Parade lap       Parade lap

Parade lap       Parade lap       The start       Force India and Red Bull       Alonso

Red Bull       Alonso and Vettel       Williams celebrate podium       Hamilton       Podium

Podium       Podium       Podium       Podium       Podium

Podium       Podium       Podium       On the track       DC

Billy!       On the track       #keepfightingmichael      

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